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Kart Zero provides 1-Day kart racing tour and

1-Day kart training tour.



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Our scope of services include coach services to and from Lowu , lunch supply, rehearsal training, technique / skill guidance, and provision of racing gown, equipment, fuel and ancillary facilities.


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For enquiry please phone (852) 2431-6036 or email

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Xtreme Speedway

Since the redevelopment of the former Honey Lake Sports Club to a residential estate in 2003, the landmark of a kart racing circuit has vanished in Shenzhen.  NOW a new kart racing circuit is completed in Sha Jing.  This new racing circuit is located at Baoan County-Sha Jing City near the mine works of Xin Qiao Industrial Estate. The new kart association – Xtreme Speedway has an area of 70 acres, the site is surrounded by hills and villages.  The main premises are laid in front of a service reservoir, with a distant view of buildings.  The overall landscaping and layout is exquisite.

The new racing circuit is flat and smooth, the whole circuit length is about 1,200 meters, with a width of 10 meters. The whole racing circuit is designed to have a clockwise circulation , and is flexible for route and circulation changes.

The new Association is about 40 minutes drive from Guanzhou East Railway Station.  It has been in full operation since September 2005.  The highlight this year is one of the national kart race programs will take place here.


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